Eat Away To Weight Loss

Follow this easy, 10-step diet plan to trim your waistline without saying ‘no’ to your favourite foods

Reluctant dieters rejoice! It’s finally here, the breakthrough you’ve been hoping for — a simple way to slim down without cutting out the foods you love. The Viva Mayr diet is based on a common-sense approach to eating for women who enjoy food and want a bikini body without starving.

It’s all about making small changes — which you don’t really notice — but build up to make a huge difference to your waistline. In just two weeks, it aims to rid your body of toxins.

The key idea to the diet is understanding that your health and body shape depend on your digestion. We can’t benefit from the nutrients in food unless they’re fully broken down. So, by learning to eat properly, we can ensure that our body maximises the energy and vitamins it gets from the food we eat – and doesn’t hang on to all that nasty fat. The only 10 rules you need are:

•    Chew your food at least

30 to 40 times

Well-chewed food is already half-digested — so your digestive system won’t have to work so hard to absorb goodness. Plus, when you chew more, you eat less – as the brain registers when you’re full much faster.

•    Don’t drink water while eating; drink wine

You should drink up to three litres of water a day between meals. But drinking while eating dilutes digestive enzymes, making them less efficient. If you must drink at mealtimes, sip herbal tea or wine! Like food, wine has to be broken down so it doesn’t dilute saliva and impair digestion.

•    Eat a Large breakfast and a light dinner

Our digestive system regenerates as we sleep, so it’s most efficient in the morning, making breakfast a good time to eat difficult-to-digest foods. Our digestion tires towards the evening, so we should eat less then. Eating in harmony with our body is also said to slow the ageing process.

•    Never eat raw foods after four o’clock

Raw food is hardest to digest. Eating anything raw after 4 pm results in fermentation, which slows everything down and can cause bloating and indigestion.

•    Avoid eating after 6 pm or stick to snacks

The later we eat, the harder it is for our tired bodies to process food. Also, eating an early-evening meal ensures you’re hungry in the morning, when you should eat your most substantial meal. If you’re hungry after 6 pm, have a small, easy-to-digest snack.

•    Never eat when stressed or rushed

Why? If your body is busy coping with stress, it won’t digest properly. When we’re stressed, all our energy is directed to the brain and muscles for a fight-or-flight reaction. Other parts of the body lose out and digestion effectively closes down.

•    Exercise a bit every day instead a lot on one day

We need to move enough to burn off the calories we consume or they’ll get stored as fat. But the key is regularity, not intensity. So the good news is, a brisk daily walk is better than a once-a-week 10-mile run. Being active also aids digestion.

•    Eat twice as many alkaline as acid foods

This simply means eating less meat and junk food in favour of vegetables, nuts and seeds. Excess acid in the former causes bloating and exacerbates ageing. So redressing your acid-alkaline balance creates the best digestive system for becoming slim and staying youthful.

•    Stop just before you’re full

Eating more than our digestive system can handle causes weight gain.

•    Eat more colourful fruit and vegetables

Brightly coloured fruit and veg are packed with antioxidants that can protect cells against free radicals — rogue atoms responsible for many effects of ageing, and linked to heart disease and cancer.

•    An early-evening meal ensures you’re hungry in the morning, when you should eat a substantial meal  Mumbai Mirror


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