Too Busy To Have A Baby Right Now? Then, Freeze Your Eggs

Too Busy To Have A Baby Right NowDo you feel your biological clock ticking but you still haven’t found your Prince Charming? Try freezing your eggs in an egg bank.

Science has come a long way. Now, women have the option of saving their fertile eggs in a storage facility until such a time that they are ready to get pregnant.

Oocyte cryopreservation first started out as a back-up plan for cancer-diagnosed children and young girls  who will be undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy. [Read more...]

Style Tips For Breastfeeding Moms

Style Tips For Breastfeeding MomsSpecial advocate for Children of UNICEF Daphne Oseña-Paez spoke about the many challenges faced by breastfeeding mothers and the support they need to successfully breastfeed their babies. When she became a first-time mom, she knew from the start that she would be committed to breastfeeding. Motherhood sure wasn’t a walk in the part because Daphne didn’t have that extended family support in Manila. She learned the ropes of motherhood on her own but grateful for the mommy friends she had who were supportive enough to share their wisdom on breastfeeding. [Read more...]

Office Romance: Yes, It Can Last!

Office RomanceSure, office romances aren’t exactly favorable (especially for the organization!) but that doesn’t mean you can’t find and keep love amidst the cubicles. And let’s be honest, you can’t control where you fall in love. So if you’ve found love at the workplace and want it to last without rocking the corporate boats, take these tips on how it should be done.

1. Be discreet

You don’t have to hide your blossoming romance; instead you should be open about it so that nobody makes any assumptions. But don’t cross the line between being open and being over the top. Leave the PDAs out of the office door and don’t let your lust cloud your professionalism. This means no using of office emails to send each other quickie love notes, going away on weekend trips using the company’s corporate expense, and certainly no hanky-panky in the storage room in the pretense of “overtime”. [Read more...]

8 Easy Tips To Make You Look Slimmer

8 Easy Tips To Make You Look SlimmerNude shoes make your legs appear longer

Feeling “blah” and bloated? Does everything in your closet seem to make you look flabby? We asked insiders from the fashion industry—-a photographer, a model, a makeup artist and stylists—to share their tricks on how to look slimmer for those days when you feel nothing seems to fit you.

Change Your Stripes

This summer’s trend features all kinds of stripes. Celebrity stylist Margaux Romero-Alampay teaches you where to draw the line. “You can wear figure-hugging summer stripes but vertical or diagonal lines make for a more flattering silhouette.” The size of the stripes matters, too.”Thinner stripes are also more slimming than thick ones,” she adds. [Read more...]

Your Online Guide

Your Online GuideA lot of people on the go today are making some side trip to their most loved places, yet, many of them doesn’t want to miss a single puff of good cigars which has long been wooed by different people around the globe. Well, why won’t you have yours now? And so, if you’re planning to have a vacation or an outdoor escapade with your mate, friends and or loved ones, well then don’t forget to have with you your online guide for cigar ratings and reviews, advice & news.

30 Things You Should Know About Sex

Sex education enjoys and suffers the same fate as other aspects of behaviour; from myths to advice and best practices, one must be aware of what sex education implies.

With that in mind, we present 30 things you should know about sex. Each of these 30 points will help you understand sex and sex education better. We begin with some common myths that plague teenagers from the first time that they become interested in the world of sexual encounters.

Sex Education Tip 1: ‘No penetration’ does not mean that you are safe from pregnancy.

Pregnancy can occur even when a partner ejaculates or pre-ejaculates near or on your vulva. Irrespective of the fact that you engage in vaginal sex or not, naked body contact around this region could lead to pregnancy. [Read more...]

‘Fat Genes’ Could Be The Latest Weapon In The Fight Against Obesity

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh have identified genes in mice that encourage fat storage and prevent its breakdown, regardless of diet, and they think humans could carry identical or similar genes.

They think these fat genes could be the reason of why some people struggle to lose weight despite eating healthily, suggesting the latest weapon in the fight against obesity.

It is hoped the breakthrough will lead to medication that can be used to help overweight people fight the flab without making lifestyle changes.

Until now genes involved in weight gain have been found to affect appetite. But the latest research found they could alter the metabolism and fat storage whatever food is consumed. [Read more...]