Also, there is another gay triad that posts here sometimes

If you are not gay and you are watching gay porn, AND you like it, but still claim you are heterosexual, and as the OP replied to another post You start to visualize your friends doing each other, yeah, it's probably not that great for your "sanity" and you're probably a little bi-sexual whether you like it or not or I guess whether you want to admit it or not.

How I know this--I have a brother that enjoys porn just as much as any other person. Alone time is key, at least for me, and time not making music is so important.

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Three-part harmonies are revered as the most beautiful, so duets sound strangely sparse and solos almost melancholy. Arguably the most common form of relationship in the United States, serial monogamy is predicated on the idea that a person can love more than one other person romantically in a lifetime, but not at the same time.

I keep looking for a way to share my own experiences and am considering starting a blog, any suggestions as to where to look? You could try to revive your adventurous past and give it a run with him. This is fucking it.

Also, there is another gay triad that posts here sometimes
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