Gay Malta - Your Gay Travel Destination Gay Guide Malta

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While Gay Malta may not offer a wide variety of choices of, gay friendly beaches , gay bars or gay clubs, there is a substantial gay community made up of both locals and foreigners who enjoy some sort of gay scene in Malta. Loading Search Results.

As a Mediterranean city, it experiences a dry summer and a mild winter that comes with occasional rain and fog.

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  • Lisa Borain. From this lofty battle point, you can see tiny fishing boats and huge cruise ships floating in the Grand Harbor below.
  • Here is a list for you to keep track of the best LGBT friendly events happening in the coming months.
  • Remember me? The best time of year to visit Malta is during the summer between April and October when the weather is perfectly nice and warm.
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  • What else could a gay traveller possibly want? Jobs In Malta.
Gay Malta - Your Gay Travel Destination   Gay Guide Malta

Diving in Malta is pretty big and there are several other ways to enjoy the deep blue, from kayaking to chartering a yacht. Check out the Top 5 Beaches in Malta! Feb 2, 3 Comments. When it comes to particular segments of the LGBTIQ community, such as those who identify as transgender, or those who are more comfortable dressing in drag, it should be noted that it won't go unnoticed.

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Gay Malta - Your Gay Travel Destination Gay Guide Malta
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