Contributed to the country s linguistic homogeneity

The Dutch Language

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk: Turkey D. With the advent of the Renaissance , the Polish language was finally accepted in Poland on an equal footing with Latin. To make the word plural, -cja becomes -cje. Neutralization occurs between voiced — voiceless consonant pairs in certain environments: at the end of words where devoicing occurs , and in certain consonant clusters where assimilation occurs.

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contributed to the country s linguistic homogeneity

Dell Hymes, a man not afraid of putting things bluntly, at one point said about American research in and on minority groups Hymes , p. Clearly militant, this scholarship stands on the side of minorities who are perceived as straying away from the ideal culture i.

Such a position could sound paradoxical: Difference as a safeguard of equality, and neglect of difference as a recipe for inequality: these are the paradoxes on which Hymes builds his argument Blommaert , p. In complementary fashion, linguistic work concerned with the abilities and judgments of appropriateness on the part of native speakers that generative grammar brings into focus can contribute to the third and fourth aspects of the communicative ethnography 3.

The early structuralists saw human society as divisible into a finite number of cultures.

Contributed to the country s linguistic homogeneity
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